Advance CNC Capacity

Advance CNC Capacity

Over recent years after witnessing the results of implementing a double method of providing both subcontract manual and CNC machining services, Norjen quickly grasped the conceptual results from this formula.

Therefore the Company has embarked for both QMS backup and capacity purposes on increasing their portfolio of CNC machinery. We are very pleased to announce as part of our efforts in this approach our latest portfolio addition of a DOOSAN machine tool to our facility. Inception taking place in the early part of 2020, providing a real boost to our capacity and potential customer requirements. If this provides a solution to your requirements then please feel free to get in touch.


“In an effort to grow our business along with our certifications of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100/D, development of our machine tool portfolio is key. From the point of view of my role in the Company this addition gives me extra marketing scope. Allowing increased capacity, QMS backup and accurate repetition to be on offer and importantly to be able to say yes to prospectively new customers.”

– Managing Director, Norjen Precision Ltd


“At Norjen within our working operations and the quality processes implemented in relation to these. We are incredibly keen, dedicated and focused on the requirements of our QMS to provide product safety and integrity. This ethos is placed very highly within our operations. An increased level of this calibre of CNC machine tool creates increased speed in turn around, larger and accurate batch repetition and enhanced practical performance. However on a high priority note these circumstances also present a fantastic platform for increased quality focus. The advantage of the CNC element is that it isn’t placing divertive pressure on quality procedures, allowing maximum quality focus along with increased productive advantages. So from my point of view an addition to our CNC capacity is a real winner.”

– Technical Director, Norjen Precision Ltd

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